Mobile Waxing (1)You may find yourself feeling stressed about the idea of hair removal – you may feel that it’s an uncomfortable experience, too time-consuming (especially when you have to travel to a salon, then hunt around for a parking place) and too much of an interruption to your busy life.

Here at Bells Mobile Beauty we have brought together the perfect solution that’s bound to suit everyone. We supply our range of luxurious treatments in the comfort of the most familiar surroundings of all – your own home! You can relax and allow us to take care of you, safe in the knowledge that your treatment is safe, comfortable and convenient.


Mobile Waxing (2)When it comes to hair removal using wax, we use one of the best products on the market – Harley Wax. You can learn more about this product at The use of this wax means that you are guaranteed a nourishing treatment that will leave your skin feeling as smooth as silk.

We begin your treatment by using pre-wax oil top protect your skin, then we carefully apply the wax. Harley Wax locks on to each individual hair, but does not adhere to your skin, giving you a very comfortable experience! Much less discomfort and no sore skin after the wax is peeled away.

Our treatments are suitable for all areas, and for both ladies and gents!

We supply all the equipment that is essential to deliver a luxurious experience from our own treatment couch to soft fluffy towels.


For those who prefer threading to waxing for the eyebrows and face, we are happy to offer this alternative. With this process, cotton threads are twisted around each hair in order to remove it from the root. This treatment is suitable for areas such as eyebrows, upper lip, chin, side of the face, neck.

Delivering bespoke, professional beauty treatments in your home every day until 10pm



Half arm£18
Full arm£25
Half leg£20
Full leg£30
Cheek/Side of Face£7
Lower Back£16
Upper Back£20
Chest (Men)£15-£25
Eyebrow Thread£15
Lip Thread£12
Facial Thread (Everything)£30


*Bikini treatments must state that its only for women


Mobile Waxing (3)For the complete, comfortable hair removal service, please contact us here at Bells Mobile Beauty. Just drop us an email at . Remember that we have appointment times available from 10am until 10pm, seven days a week.