Mobile Spray Tanning (1)Let’s face it, visiting a spray tanning salon is often a stressful way of obtaining a spray tan. You have to drive to the salon, then fuss about finding a parking place. Often, you do not have the time to allow your spray tan to dry properly once your treatment is complete, which results in smudging. Plus, there’s the pain of sometimes stepping out of the salon with your freshly-applied spray tan and straight into the rain!

Here at Bells Mobile Beauty we’ve come up with the ideal solution to all these issues – a spray tan in the comfort of your own home! No parking issues, no fuss, and you have all the time you need to allow your spray tan to dry naturally.

Choose your perfect colour to achieve the precise look that you desire

Mobile Spray Tanning (2)We use the highly regarded and award winning spray tanning product Sienna X. We can offer you a choice of four tones, but the final result will depend upon the natural tone of your skin – all of which will be discussed before the treatment. We have a range of colour formulas which we can expertly mix to give you your ideal shade. We also maintain records of any previous treatments you may have had with us, so we know exactly what shade you chose last time around.

Delivering bespoke, professional beauty treatments in your home every day until 10pm


Mobile Spray Tanning (3)Our therapist will arrive with an inflatable spray booth which is cleaned prior to every spray tanning session, so hygiene is never a concern. Your home and soft furnishings are fully protected from the spray. We even bring our own towels.

We do recommend booking a body scrub with us before undertaking a mobile spray tan, followed by a shower in the convenience of your own home. This way your skin will be ideally prepared to be sprayed and we can ensure you get a perfectly even result.

You may decide you would like a professional body scrub treatment separately, if you select this treatment in combination with a spray tan, you will of course receive a discount.

Spray tan£35
Body Scrub£32
Mini Massage add-on£15


To book your appointment or to learn more about the treatments offered by Bells Mobile Beauty, contact us via email at . We have appointments available from 10am until 10pm, seven days a week.