Want to dazzle with beautiful eyes? Want the convenience of experiencing luxury eye treatments in the comfort of your own home? Then allow Bells Mobile Beauty to provide exactly what you need.  Never again will you need to endure the ‘impersonal’ treatments you may experience at high street salons.


ThreadingUnfortunately, we are not all blessed with perfect eyebrows, however it’s the one thing that can really make a difference to your appearance.  Well shaped eyebrows can often give an instant antiaging and brightening effect by enhancing the shape of your face.

At Bells Mobile Beauty we use Ultimate Brow, a gel tint that is applied to your natural brows which infills any gaps and creates a fuller looking brow that will last between one and three weeks. Imagine, now more applying powder or liner to your brows every morning – you will wake up with flawless brows!

We begin your treatment with a consultation that will determine precisely what shape and colour you are seeking to achieve. We have many pigments available, from nude to black. We can mix to create your colour of choice, and we will record this for your future appointments. The pigment powder is mixed with a liquid base and then applied. We guarantee you will love your new fuller, natural-looking brows.

Delivering bespoke, professional beauty treatments in your home every day until 10pm



Mobile Eyelash Extensions (2)Our mobile eyelash extensions expert will apply individual lashes to your own lashes to create any style that you may wish, from a fluttery natural look to the glamour and elegance of full long lashes. We only use Ultimate Lashes – this top-of-the-range product creates soft lashes that feel natural and comfortable and look completely real. This is one of our most popular treatments, as the effect of expertly applied lash extensions just makes you feel wonderful.

Full set

Before we apply your lashes we arrange a short consultation with you so that we understand and can plan for what type of look you would like. Your therapist will then apply individual extensions to your natural lashes to help you create the perfect frame for your eyes, all while you relax on our beauty couch. We can create any style from natural to the full and thick ‘glamourous’ look.


Your eyelashes grow and shed in cycles every sixty to ninety days. We therefore recommend that you book an infill treatment with us every two to three weeks to keep your eyelashes looking amazing.


We can quickly and easily dissolve the bond between your natural lashes and your extensions.

Lash lift

Lashes are lifted by the root. This will result in luscious, curly lashes for your eyes, and the effects of this treatment last around six to eight weeks.


If you are a new client we will require you to undergo a patch test in order to avoid any possible complications. We can offer you free consultations and patch tests in line with your requirements, and in the comfort of your own home. We will work with you so you receive the final outcome that you truly desire, and we can create a bespoke package of mobile treatments especially for you.

Eyebrow Tint£15
Eyelash Tint£15
Lash Lift£40
Classic Lashes£55
Russian Lashes£70
Mega Volume Lashes£80
Classic Infill£30
Russian Infill £40
Mega Volume Infill £50
Ultimate Lash£50 - £70
Lash Removal£10 - £20
Lash Infills£30 - £50


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