Bells Mobile Beauty’s team of freelance beauty therapists will have completed a Barbicide® Covid-19 Certification Course and be provided with suitable PPE. We have also developed an in-depth guide on how to adequately sanitise, disinfect equipment and the strict guidelines the therapist will need to follow.

Beauty appointments will be made via telephone to 020 8108 2665, or email to and will be prepaid a minimum of 2 hours prior to the appointment time. Previous to confirming a mobile service appointment, the clients will receive a consultation form to answer questions regarding any symptoms over the past 14 days and whether they have been in contact with anyone who is COVID-19 positive.

Upon entering clients’ homes, Personal Protective Equipment such as masks, disposable gloves and a facial shield will be worn. The therapist will disinfect their hands in front of the client so they can feel confident the necessary measures have been taken. Clients will be asked to wear a mask where possible and provide an area with plenty of ventilation to carry out the appointment.

Treatments will be completed by one therapist only, or at different times should more than one therapist be required. Other members of the customer’s household should maintain social distancing measures of 2m (6ft) of the therapist at all times.

Once the therapist leaves, they will discard any used materials, wipe surfaces and wash their hands with soap for more than 20 seconds. Aftercare advice will be provided after each treatment so clients can continue to practice maintenance and hygiene at home.

If within 14 days of the appointment, the customer notifies us they have developed COVID-19 symptoms, we will notify the relevant therapist(s) and ensure they self-isolate. If symptoms are developed prior to the appointment the appointment will be cancelled and fully refunded.